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So I did a thing…lol. On my quest to continue to decorate my apartment I decided to try an acrylic pour for the FIRST time ever and of course it had to be the biggest canvas I could find.

This canvas was large! But I honestly love a challenge and knew I wanted a large piece of artwork to go above my couch as I continued to put the pieces of my place together.

I began watching many different YouTube videos as there are about 1,369 different acrylic techniques from pouring down to blowing acrylic with a heat tool.

I set off to buy my acrylic paints and learned from YouTube University that I would need Floetrol so that the acrylic paints would properly flow on the canvas.

This product really allows you to move the paint around and I didn’t necessarily measure anything out, but it helped thin out the acrylic paints.

Not going to lie, this was a very difficult project for doing any acrylic pour for my first time…lol. While I’m super proud of how it came out, I found it hard to lift and tilt the canvas to spread the paint mixture around. Regardless, I got an extreme arm workout and a nice looking piece of art while I was at it.

Final result after using the correct polycrylic protective gloss was a shiny 4×3 painting that was exactly what I was looking for as a statement art piece.

Not perfect, but neither am I lol! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think. Until next time, don’t get too crazy!!


Olivia Untamed