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First things first! Welcome back! As if this year hasn’t been crazy enough! 2020 has been the most exhausting year to date and we just brushed the half way mark. But with all the craziness and uncertainty, the things that have kept me sane are God, my family and friends, and DIY.

The art of creating or making something updated or new really renews me and brings me joy. I always get a little nervous when I start a project but the fact of knowing that I am the only person with something (in the whole world) that always gets me through!

After years of having my IKEA Vittsjö shelf that I upcycled from marble to wood contact paper and spray painted gold, I decided it was time for a change. Side note, i was able to sell this in a record 12 hours on Facebook Market!

Also, I really needed a place where I could store my sewing supplies and most importantly all of my fabric that has been hiding in different areas of my apartment.

I started looking at tv stands and credenzas on Wayfair and AllModern and I saw some really pretty options but for those prices, the reviews could have been a lot better. After speaking with my consultant (aka YouTube), I decided I could just make my own and save a couple 100 while I was at it.

I used the Kallax bookshelf 8-unit from Ikea. And it was in my opinion very easy to put together took about an hour by myself.
I added 2 MDF boards from Home Depot both size 14×29 inches I then hammered little nails all around the edges of the MDF board into the bookcase so my contents in the cabinet would not fall out through the back.
And just like that, back is secured!
I then got two pieces of plywood from Home Depot both 14×28 inches for the cabinet doors. They were both sanded already but I sanded down the edges with 120 grit sandpaper as they were a little rough.
I then stained both pieces of wood with Varathane’s golden oak wood stain.
Make sure to use a polyurethane top stain that can be gloss, matte, satin, etc to protect your piece. I painted the gloss on and wiped with a towel I didn’t want it to be glossy after I started staining but it’s important to have this stuff on so it’s embedded in there!
I applied about 3 coats of stain to each piece of wood.

I found 4 legs from Lowes and spray painted the metal tips using Rustoleum’s metallic gold spray paint (use painters tape to protect the wood). I then used the stain for the wood section.

I also picked up these leg plates (hardware A) from Lowes and it was helpful they were in the same section at Lowes. I then attached these to the bottom of the book case right inside the frame and used my drill bit to make an anchor hole for the center of the leg plates so the legs could be ultimately screwed on.
Here you can see all the leg plates are attached.
I got these cabinet handles from Home Depot for about $7 each and I was super happy that they were already gold. I just attached them about half way down and made sure they lined up when the cabinet doors were side by side.
I found these hinges from Home Depot that came in two in a pack. You attach these hinges to the inside of the door and then you flip it over and screw the door to your piece. I measured the hinges to be attached 4 inches from the top and the bottom of the door.
Lastly, you screw the legs into the plates and wahala you have your perfectly unique credenza piece!

I honestly could not have expect anything better. I am really proud of myself and it really only took me two days to complete. I love the outcome and although I was a little intimidated this piece empowers me to try things that I may often feel are challenging. All in all, I spent about $180 on everything.

Doing this project really ignited my passion to create and I really hope to get some sewing in. I’m working on streamlining my work space to be an efficient and productive workspace without having my items everywhere. So I hope I motivated you to tap into those projects you’ve been wanting to do and leave a comment to let me know what you think.

Until next time, don’t get too crazy!