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Hello Ladies and Gents! I am happy to be back with this new referee-like shirt dress that I created for Saturday Brunch and a day party. I know it has been a while but since moving to the east coast, I have learned so much not just in pharmacy school, but about myself as a whole. I have not really got to sew as much this year but I know just how much I need to learn balance. I noticed when I did create with my machine all my troubles and stress seemed like they did not exist. This summer I have many ideas of what I want to create and plan to truly create a system for myself to be able to keep up with blogging and perhaps even other different avenues of social media. ANYWAYS…sorry for talking your ear off but self actualization is always KEY lol. Without any other interruptions here we go.


T-shirt dress made by me and shoes from


MK watch

IMG_4306_2 IMG_4311_2 IMG_4288_2 IMG_4280_2

Excited for my first summer on the East Coast! Definitely stay tuned to see all the trouble that I get into lol!¬†Until next time….Don’t get too crazy!!


Olivia Untamed