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My August was so busy but I had so much fun on my off block from my pharmacy rotations. Over the break, I went to two conferences, saw one of my closest friends get engaged, and traveled to Europe! So much went down and I still got was able to get some sewing in. One of the conferences I went to was called UIU or Umu Igbo Unite. It is a conference with a mission to bring together young Igbos (Nigerian) together and keep the culture alive. I had so much fun with my friends and sewed my outfit for the Gala. I rarely ever get to go to events that require long dresses, so I had fun with this one. I made an infinity dress, with pockets and a high slit, but of course. ¬†Infinity dress means I can wear this again and again and can play with different styles. I can’t wait to make another gown and really get creative. Let me know what you think about the dress and until next time, don’t get too crazy!