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1.pngGreetings everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend. Mine was amazing, I spent the day going to church and hanging out with my family. This season was all about growth and I definitely learned a lot, but feel like I need to challenge myself a little more as spring comes in full swing.

I definitely want to up my sewing skills and sew things that I normally would not. I have a bunch load of fabric from the years that have past and with each garment or outfit that I make, it just seems to grow and grow. ¬†Stepping out of my comfort zone will allow me surprise myself. We never truly know what we are capable if we don’t try. So I may be working on a gown or 2, even though I probably will have no where to actually wear it. Regardless, I believe it will truly allow me to tap into my artistic side.

IMG_0591.JPGIMG_0592 3.JPGIMG_0589.JPG

Outfit details:

  • Ankara top- By me
  • Skirt- H &M I think
  • Shoes- Missguided

Lastly, what do you guys usually do with your extra fabric? Do you stash it like me lol let me know.

Until next time,¬†don’t get too crazy!