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So… upholstered beds are super expensive! As a current broke student who likes nice things, when I moved to my new apartment I really wanted to see how I could furnish my place on a budget. My previous bed was a full bed with a wood headboard, and it was cool and everything but not what I wanted for my new place. So, of course, I upgraded to a queen sized bed and mattress. I saw some amazing beds but they were all more than $600-700, so I thought why not make it myself? Now this project took me about 3 days to complete. I got my wood from Home Depot and foam from Walmart,  and I was truly excited and pleased with the end result with my headboard. For me, I enjoy when I am able to accomplish a task, and this was the biggest DIY project that I have done to date. I can only imagine what ideas I will have when I get married and move into a home, because I just know I am going to go all out, lol!


I know the finish isn’t perfect, but the tufts came out to my liking and I was able to nail some legs to the headboard so that I could attach it to my platform bed. I got the navy blue velvet fabric from an Etsy store (can be found here).  34

All in all, YAY! to upholstered beds, and YAY! to saving about $400-$500 on this project. All in all, I think I spent about $120 on everything and could not have been happier.  I hope that I can continue to challenge myself to be creative and even though a project may seem intimidating, to do it anyways! Cheers to dreaming in style and until next time, don’t get too crazy!!!