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Have you ever just wanted to start over? I feel like I constantly find myself in a cycle of wanting to restart it all. Something about getting rid of the old and starting fresh. But, the worse thing that can happen is when you get rid of things and are consistent with that process of rebuilding. I find myself doing this a lot, and I really want to stop, no I am going to stop. I got tired of my old Instagram and deleted a bunch of posts, I removed my old blog posts on WordPress, and cleaning my closet has been on my list of things to do for months. Why am I oversharing? In hopes that maybe I can help someone as well as help myself towards action.

When starting to do any major change in life, consistency is key. Let me say it again for the kids in the back “CONSISTENCY IS KEY!” Only consistent things in my life right now is going to the gym and eating every day. I also consistently make sure I get my weekly dose of reality TV and Shonda Land. I know for me, as a semi-perfectionist, I use the excuse of not being consistent due to wanting to put out perfection. I know for a long time I felt like my blog posts were not going the way that I wanted so I deleted my old posts so I could start fresh.¬†Bad idea! I believe there is beauty in growth and seeing where one has come from. I mention this all to say that wanting to make change is amazing, but more than anything consistency will help you maintain that change.

Coming into the new year, I did not make any New Year’s resolutions but affirmations. My sister shared with me an “affirmation specialist” Tracy G. on Soundcloud who summed up the way to wake up each morning, with beautiful affirmations about being the best version of myself. Stepping out of my comfort zone and “taking more risks than selfies” is something that I continue to push myself to do. I hope to live up to my name and be Olivia Untamed. Let us never change who we are for others, and challenge ourselves to be better!

Until next time don’t get too crazy!