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Can you believe it’s not even officially summer yet (June 21st)? So this past weekend when I took these pictures it was extremely hot! Like I thought I was going to melt lol. Anyways so I have seen these bell bottom pants everywhere and it really took me back to my old bell bottoms that I used to wear when I was younger. I used to love to just look at them especially as I moved. So I found some fabric in my closet that I got from Walmart a while ago and made this two piece outfit. I made a pattern for this wrap top a while ago and just used it so I did not have to think of anything too difficult. Overall, I really love the way this two piece came out. I truly don’t have anything like it in my closet and it was light enough for the very hot weather this past weekend. As the weather gets hotter, I am sure the outfits will get a little shorter, but until then enjoy the rest of the pictures.


I am getting through some of my stored fabric and will continue to dig through and see what I can whip up. I hope you all have a great and blessed week and until next time don’t get too crazy!!