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Hello all you beautiful readers out there! I have been busy I know, but this week I will be uploading many new posts due to the horrible neglect lol. Anyways, my cousin is getting married and she had her traditional wedding. The way that it goes down in the Igbo (tribe in Nigeria) culture is that the man has to pay for his bride lol. It’s not as old school as one may think, however, it comes along with a beautiful ceremony where the bride changes about three times and she has to look for her husband in the crowd of all the guests and once she finds him give him a sip of palm wine. This wine is a symbolization of marriage and that is usually one of the ending steps in the ceremony. Anyways, the bride gives a bunch of girls fabric as a part of her asoebi (ahh-sheb-ie) and we escort her in, kind of like her bridal party. (Sorry for the long history/culture lesson) This is the fabric she chose and the outfit I decided to sew for myself, really wanted to make pants. Enjoy!

 IMG_3040IMG_3051 IMG_3019 IMG_2985 IMG_3016 IMG_2999 IMG_2989

Outfit by me and shoes from good ole Bakers. Until next time, don’t get too crazy!