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The weather is finally warm again!! After weeks of gloom and rain I was happy just to see a little sun out. These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy. I finished finals and then jumped right into rotations. Anyways, I am just excited that summer is right around the corner and that I am at least finding time to still create and sew things. This summer I plan to really challenge myself sewing-wise and be adventurous. I also want to be adventurous in the real world as well. It is so easy for us as human beings, creatures of habit, to get so used to our patterns that we forget that life is just more than the usual day-to-day. I hope that by the end of this summer I can travel, and improve in speaking Spanish, and get to explore the nature around me. I most importantly hope to be more consistent, something that I continue to struggle with.  I know that I keep preaching this but I am really trying to remind myself (lol).



Now for the outfit details.

  • Yellow bell sleeve top- Sewn by Me
  • Denim Jeans- DIY
  • Shoes- Asos (dolce vita)

I hope you all continue to be positive and challenge yourselves in all that you do! Until next time don’t get too crazy!